Finding the Best and Cheapest International Shipping Options

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Finding the Best and Cheapest International Shipping Options

Selecting the Best Shipping Rates internationally

Having an online store and being able to sell to clients outside of your local area is one of its most significant advantages. By opening online storefronts, many small business owners have increased the geographic reach of their consumer bases. Even though it is expensive, offering your consumers international delivery can significantly boost your sales.

You ask, but what about profitability?


The solution to such a question is complex. The good news is that many business owners that ship their goods worldwide have seen increases in both sales and earnings. This article will cover a few things you need to understand to save costs and turn them profitable.


The fact that there is no one-size-fits-all inexpensive overseas shipping option should be noted. There are too many factors that influence which courier business you should pick, including the kinds of goods you sell, their weight, your sales volume, the nations to which you ship, and your preferred delivery times.


Selecting the Cheapest Shipping Rates internationally

Assume you just completed your first international sale and are getting ready to send your package. You undoubtedly want to compare overseas shipping costs, but remember that often less expensive isn't better. A lot of the time, sacrificing service means saving money or choosing the least costly alternative.


Let's examine the leading courier services and contrast their costs and quality of service:


Canada Post

The largest domestic shipper in Canada, Canada Post also provides affordable solutions for international shipment. Obtaining a shipping estimate from them is a good idea if cost is your top priority. However, they need to improve in several capabilities, such as real-time tracking updates, and their service can occasionally be slower than others.



Purolator can offer reasonable prices and effective service by utilizing its extensive network. They have guaranteed delivered-by times for international shipments, including 9AM, 10:30 AM, and 12 PM. Since their services are so prompt and dependable, Purolator is a fantastic choice if you need to ensure that something will be delivered by a specific day and time.



FedEx's overnight shipping option and tracking update capabilities helped it become well known. They offer excellent tracking information, and their international shipping services are dependable. You can anticipate paying a little bit more for their services due to the higher grade of services and enhanced dependability.



UPS is considered one of the most prominent package delivery companies worldwide, sending over fifteen million parcels daily. They can offer affordable shipping rates and effective service because they have a global network. Once more, if cost is your primary consideration, this can be a viable alternative.



Some courier services mentioned above have affordable charges, but which is the lowest? That depends on many factors, and often the least expensive choice for one delivery may be less expensive for another.


The most money may be saved when comparing shipping costs from order to order, and our service ShipVista makes it possible for you to do just that.


You can get instant quotes from multiple shipping carriers by entering your package's information, such as size, weight, and destination. You can quickly compare prices and other features like estimated delivery times.


Learn more about how to get shipping rates on quickly


Other things you should do to Ship Internationally in the Best way


Choosing the courier with the cheapest pricing will only sometimes result in cost savings when shipping internationally. There are further measures you should take to keep costs down.

  • Use The Smallest Package Possible

  • Prepare Customs Documents

  • Purchase Shipping Online

  • Save and Reuse the Packaging Materials You Receive


There are many shipping alternatives available to you when sending packages internationally. Save time and money by using our online service,, rather than requesting quotes from each carrier separately. You'll get a quick shipping quote from a variety of pages so that you can pick the one with the most outstanding pricing and features for your requirements.

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