ShipVista Features

Easy-to-use, Unified, Dashboard

Our web application offers you full control over your orders and enables you to manage shipments regardless of where you are in the fulfillment process.


Quickly change views between your imported orders, created shipments, and warehouse products from anywhere.


Immediately after logging in, you will be presented with an overview of your most recent shipments and transactions.


Get updated on the status of imported orders, or batch shipments.

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Shipvista fulfillment partners

Manage all your Shipping Carriers and shipping activities in one place

With ShipVista, you can create discounted shipping labels. When you connect your own shipping carrier account, you'll get access to pre-negotiated discounted shipping rates from carriers such as Canada Post, UPS, CANPAR, and more.

Default Accounts

If you don't have a shipping carrier account, you can choose to ship with ShipVista's default account.

Get Instant Quote

If you are interested in finding out the cost of your shipment, you can get an instant quote by just filling out the postal code and the order item dimensions/weight.

Track Shipments

You can track the status of your shipments as they are being delivered.

Batch Shipments

If you need to create many labels at once, you can create a batch.

International Shipments

Our platform supports creating international shipments with custom declarations.


You can easily schedule and manage pickup

Comprehensive Order Management Platform

Everything you will need to manage your orders and more. You can save time by applying actions to orders meeting specific criteria using the tools we provide.

Order Importing

Import your orders from your connected store or marketplace.

Order Tagging

Group related orders together by applying a tag. This could be done quickly using the search or filtering tool.

Multi-Store Support

We support a variety of stores or sales channels that you can connect to in order to import and sync orders.

Rate Shipment

You will get access to the cheapest shipping rates to ship your orders.

Combining Orders

Combine items, and details of multiple orders into on

Splitting Orders

You can also split orders that have multiple item

Automatic Sync Orders

Once your store is connected, orders are automatically synced periodically.

Export/Import Orders

You can export orders as a file to save them and also import them.

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Shipvista Store Partners

Integrated with many Stores and Marketplaces

We support importing from several stores or marketplaces such as WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and many more.

Manual Stores

For offline orders, you can create or import them into a manual store.

Connect Store

Steps and guides on how to connect from over nine selling channels.

Auto-sync Orders

Have your orders automatically synced and get notifie

Complete Warehouse Inventory Management

For those who need a place to manage their products and track product item details, we provide a way to efficiently and easily perform these tasks.

Manage Products

Keep track of details like SKU, weight, et

Track Warehouse Shipments

Update the number of products as they are shippe

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Analytics insights image

Get insight from shipping data over a time period.

Our platform allows you to view statistical data about almost everything from new orders to recurring customers.

Interactive detailed charts

Precise graphics to view your shipment operations, sales trends, customer overview, and product highlights.

Date Range Control

You can edit the range to view reports up to several months back.