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Easy and Important tips to Properly Label Your Packages by ShipVista

Despite being one of the tiniest, shipping labels are one of the most crucial parts of cargo. Because it has all the information required to take your package where it needs to go, a shipping label can be considered the passport for your package. This post will walk you through some of our top recommendations for package labeling to avoid any delivery concerns while sending products off.

Complete and Accurate Recipient Information

Feel free to include their name and address on the envelope when sending a customized card to someone. However, you must be sure of the details on the shipping label when making one for your company. Your package may be delayed or returned as undeliverable due to labeling mistakes.

Beneficiary's Name

The recipient's full legal name, as it appears on government-issued identification, should ideally be listed on the package. Your chosen courier may occasionally move the box to a different delivery place, where it will be held until the receiver picks it up. To retrieve the package, the recipient must present a legitimate identity, and that identification must correspond to what is written on the label.

Address of the Recipient

You must give the recipient's complete address, street name, and suite or unit number, just like you would with any other regular address. As was stated before, correct identification must be presented before a shipment that has been rerouted to be kept for pickup by the receiver can be released. The address must correspond to the one on the shipping label. Tip: With a few exceptions, carriers cannot complete the delivery if your receiver utilizes a PO Box number. For that package to be delivered, an actual physical address or a mailing address, such as those offered at The UPS Store example, is necessary.

Positioning of labels correctly

A shipping label must be applied securely to the box for a smooth delivery. The mailing label must be applied to the top of the shipment box with care, being sure to smooth out any bubbles or loose corners. The label can be attached to lie flat against one side of the package, enabling proper barcode scanning throughout the shipping procedure. Avoid sticking the title on a seam because doing so increases the likelihood that it may come loose from the package or sustain harm. A label should never be wrapped around a corner since it could cause the label to tear or the scan to fail. Tip: Secure the shipping label on the right side of the package if it contains fragile items or has a 'This Way Up' stamp or label to prevent the product from being flipped over during processing.

Verify if the package is brand new and has only one label

If you plan to reuse any packaging materials, like the box, it's crucial to eliminate any leftover shipping label material. Having just one label properly and securely applied to the package when shipping is vital because each label will also include a new, unique barcode exclusive to that shipment. Leaving old labels on can lead to a bad scan at the shipping facility and a shipment being sent back. Reusing cardboard boxes for shipping is not advised by The UPS Store's packing professionals because they might have lost some of their strength or integrity since they were last used.

To preserve the slip from the elements, we advise encasing it in a plastic pouch and attaching it to the packaging. Use clear plastic shipping tape to cover the entire label area if you don't have a bag. If your shipping label isn't already gummed, think about using robust and durable packing tape to keep your packages safe and inside their containers.

As a backup, enclose a packing slip with your box

We advise always putting a packing slip inside your shipment, even though it's not strictly related to the outside label. A packing slip can contain essential details like your company's identity, the date and number of the order, a thorough list of the items included in the shipment, contact details, return information, and more. In this manner, even if your item is damaged in transit and your label is torn off or rendered unreadable, the package will still include information enabling it to complete its journey.  

You can use a shipping cost calculator to plan. It could help you estimate the cost of shipping your purchase (s). Be sure to have precise measurements for weight and dimensions because they will be considered.

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