How to Ship Breakables parcels

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How to Ship Breakables parcels

This Christmas season, do you intend to transport delicate items? Glassware, porcelain, china, and crystal are among the priceless objects most frequently destroyed during shipping each year, regardless of whether you deliver them. Here are some pointers to ensure they get securely from A to B without causing damage to the object or your wallet.

Don't Fill Your Box Too Full

Even if you want to ship several fragile products, you must avoid packing each box too full. Only 6 to 9 of these things, weighing no more than 5 pounds (2.3 kg), should be placed in each box. Limit the weight differential between objects to 2 pounds (1 kg) or less to ensure the load is distributed equally. Before being put in the box, each item should be wrapped in at least three layers of bubble wrap. Use corrugated cardboard pieces the same height as the box to serve as dividers between each compartment to provide further protection.

Safeguard the bottom

When shipping fragile things, it's crucial to ensure the box's bottom is solid. Use sturdy packing tape to seal the center and end seams of a box that hasn't been used before. Before putting the products inside the box:

  • Open it up.
  • Insert the corrugated cardboard dividers.
  • Add a 2-inch (5.08 cm) layer of packing peanuts to the bottom.

Employ Loose Fill

To guarantee there is as little movement of the products during shipping as possible, stuff the box with packing peanuts after the items are firmly in place. With those packing peanuts, overfill the box by around 5 to 10%; they will settle and load up any gaps throughout the journey.

Heavy Items Must Fly Alone

Fragile products should be boxed separately if they weigh more than 5 pounds (2.3 kg) but less than 10 pounds (4.5 lb). Each should be covered in at least three layers of bubble wrap, just like with more minor things, before being put into the box.

The fragile item should be separately packaged and double-boxed if it weighs more than 10 pounds. This entails putting the thing in bubble wrap and surrounding it with packing peanuts in a smaller box, then placing that box into a larger container that will also be filled with packing peanuts for added protection.

Lock the Top

Once everything is in position, seal the box's top flaps to compact the packing peanuts within. Apply packing tape to the center and end seams of the box, just as you did with the bottom. Consider placing a label above the box, keeping it away from the taped-down seams.

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