International Shipping: Breaking down the fundamentals to increase the reach of your small business

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International Shipping: Breaking down the fundamentals to increase the reach of your small business

What items do foreign consumers purchase?

You'll see that several of the top shopping categories in the U.S. from Canada are also popular in this country. From 2019 to 2021, these categories largely stayed the same, despite increased purchases. Americans and Canadians primarily purchase from the following five product categories: 

  • Clothes and accessories
  • Books, 
  • footwear, 
  • electronics, and 
  • beauty products 

Manage shipping costs internationally

Setting reasonable shipping costs for both your company and your clients is a vital task that will guarantee your success on a global scale. 

Your overseas shipping charges can vary depending on several factors. Your package's weight and its final location will both be important factors. The cost of sending an item will often increase with weight and distance. You may mail to New York or California for the same price with some carriers, such as Canada Post, in countries like the U.S. When you're trying to budget your monthly spending; this is cost-effective.

Navigate global expansion consciously

You need to have some diplomatic skills if you work in international retail. You need to be aware of local events, weather, health crises, and anything else that could affect how your products are delivered to customers worldwide. 

You may keep improving things like return policies, shipping costs, and the languages on your website and make adjustments as necessary. By changing in this way, you can secure your company's success and the best possible client experience.  

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