Security tips to stop e-commerce fraud | ShipVista - Shipping Platform

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Security tips to stop e-commerce fraud | ShipVista - Shipping Platform

Follow these security guidelines to stop e-commerce fraud suggested by ShipVista

Fraudulent transactions are happening more frequently as consumers use eCommerce in historic numbers. Retailers now have to strike a balance between the speed and volume of expanding transactions and the growing number of fraud and security concerns for their companies.

However, online businesses are fighting back with the most recent information and tools at their disposal. Every step of the way, they employ a multi-layered security strategy to safeguard themselves and their clients.

Trying to improve the security of your online store? Throughout their online purchasing experience, your consumers and your company can be protected with the help of the following suggestions and solutions:

Verify the client ID

Your delivery partner must visually verify the recipient when a shipment needs to be verified visually for identity. For instance, all carded packages from Canada Post require photo ID verification upon pickup from any post office location.

Beware of channels for mobile commerce

Regarding fraud, not all channels are made equal. Be aware of the various ways that fraudsters may abuse your selling channels.

For example, compared to how it is used in the United States, mobile commerce is still a developing market for traditional and online shops in Canada. However, mobile commerce is a significant force moving ahead in Canada; COVID-19 lockdowns have accelerated its popularity.

Keep an eye on global sales

Special consideration should be given to international orders in your workflow. Foreign transactions account for a sizable amount of fraud losses suffered by mid-sized to big Canadian retailers, particularly those using mobile commerce to accomplish these international transactions.

Other measures: 

  • Use CVV (Card Verification Value) during checkout.
  • Keep up with fraud trends; work with companies that guarantee secure package delivery.
  • With the appropriate delivery partner, you can prevent parcel theft.
  • Catch fraudulent transactions at any point
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology to combat fraud
  • Get rid of immediate refunds.

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