ShipVista transports residential and commercial freight between Toronto and Kitchener

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ShipVista transports residential and commercial freight between Toronto and Kitchener

Shipping With Regular and Expedited Service in Confidence

Each of our couriers is extremely familiar with Kitchener-Waterloo, knowing which routes will be the quickest at whatever time of day. This is important because it ensures that your delivery will arrive on time, especially for time-sensitive deliveries between Kitchener-Waterloo and the G.T.A.

All of our Kitchener-Waterloo couriers employ G.P.S. and real-time P.O.D. technologies, and each is always connected with our dispatch center since our services are focused on making your deliveries as efficient and dependable as possible. We are able to identify and send the driver who is closest to your pickup location using the G.P.S. tracking technology, ensuring a quick response. You can utilize the client website to follow your shipments from the time of order through proof of delivery, or our system can send you time-stamped email updates.

We have a huge variety of trucks in our fleet to meet all of your transportation requirements, from large skids to irregularly shaped objects and little packages or envelopes. We have the services and the tools to offer you the best shipping solution, regardless of the industry or its particular shipping needs.

Shipments to/from the G.T.A. and Kitchener-Waterloo are subject to zoned, service-level pricing. Option for customers to connect their own Carriers is also available from ShipVista besides ground ShipVista default carriers(default integrations) like ShipVista Canada Post, ShipVista U.P.S., ShipVista Canpar and many more.

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