ShipVista Care About Your BFCM Parcel Deliver Safely: Package Theft Effect to Businesses

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ShipVista Care About Your BFCM Parcel Deliver Safely: Package Theft Effect to Businesses


Imagine planning the ideal customer experience after the sale, with every last detail meticulously analyzed, only to have your thoughtfully selected box stolen from your client's doorstep. This influences your income and disturbs clients, who could consider you liable.


Porch piracy is the term used to describe this annoying situation.


It has affected us all and may be a significant issue for retailers and owners of eCommerce businesses. This article will discuss porch piracy, how to avoid it for your company, and how ShipVista Protection might be useful.


How does Porch Piracy work ?


Stealing packages from a person's doorstep is known as porch pirating. This may occur if a delivery is delivered but the intended recipient is not home or if the recipient is home but the box is left unattended.

A person could turn to package theft for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it can be opportunism and a desire for an easy target. In other situations, it can be that the person is specifically going for a company or certain goods.


Porch piracy can be a significant issue for companies that depend on sending goods to customers, regardless of the cause. In addition to resulting in lost sales, it can also harm your reputation.

How Does Package Theft Affect Businesses?

Businesses may suffer substantial repercussions from package theft, including lost income and reputational harm. As companies look for measures to safeguard their products, it may also result in higher delivery expenses.

Let's go over a couple of examples.

Loss of  Revenue

A company may miss the chance to upsell or cross-sell to a consumer if a shipment is stolen from their doorstep. In addition to losing the income from that specific product.


Additionally, you risk losing a customer for life if they are dissatisfied with how you handled the misplaced package.

Unhappy Clients 

When clients try to trace their packages and discover that they were delivered but have yet to receive them, they may not even be aware that their packages have been stolen. This can be a disappointing experience, and if the customer's mailing address was part of the box, it might make them wonder about their data security.


When a customer has scheduled time out of work or made other plans to be home for the delivery and a product is stolen, it can not be very pleasant. An unsatisfied customer is unlikely to do business with you again in any scenario.

Crowded Customer Service

Inquiries about 'Where Is My Order' (WISMO) can rise due to porch piracy as customers look for their stolen parcels and ask for refunds. This may be a time-consuming and expensive procedure for organizations, especially if they need a structure to handle these kinds of inquiries.


It's crucial to take action to stop package theft from taking place in the first place because all of these potential outcomes could severely harm your company.

Protect your Shipment Using ShipVista Protection

Packages can be safeguarded from porch piracy, loss, and damage when shipped with ShipVista Protection powered by Insure Shield™ shipping insurance from UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. If a customer experiences porch piracy, approved claims are compensated up to the contents' invoice value plus shipping costs.


Your consumers deserve the best service even when circumstances are beyond your control. With ShipVista® Protection, you can now reassure them further.


If you are using ShipVista® Protection powered by Insure Shield shipping insurance, you:


  • Gain the assurance to reship products to customers immediately because claims are reimbursed in days rather than weeks.
  • Give your customers control by letting them decide at the point of purchase whether to add ShipVista Protection to the protection of their products.
  • Reduce the hassle of managing claims: With ShipVista's user-friendly platform, your clients may submit a claim in under 5 minutes and have access to the status of its resolution at all times.
  • To foster trust and demonstrate good customer service, you can provide clients peace of mind by informing them of the status of their claims.

Don't let a poor shipping experience cost you prospective lasting customers! Are you prepared to provide your customers with some reassurance? Learn more about  ShipVista® Protection(Should be a link) powered by InsureShield™ shipping insurance today.


Sign Up for ShipVista today and help your customers protect their packages from porch piracy.

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