The Best tools to add Packaging to the shipment

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The Best tools to add Packaging to the shipment

Tools of the Trade in Packaging

Much different equipment and packing materials are used in packaging tasks. Here is a quick list to assist you in finding the packaging you need.

Peanuts for packing

Customers frequently think of this trendy package filler when they need to fill vacant space inside a smaller shipping container. When using peanuts as filler, always slightly overfill the box and compact it into the box using the top flaps since peanuts are designed to give shock-absorbing protection to the contents of a package and will settle during transit.

There are several varieties of peanuts, but the ones you are most likely most familiar with are constructed of polystyrene (aka Styrofoam). The UPS Store® advises only using photo-degradable peanuts. Because they are cheap and lightweight, peanuts keep shipping costs as low as possible. Packaging peanuts might be untidy for the customer receiving the product, especially when removing the item (s). Packing peanuts can be highly hefty when stored in larger quantities and may also be viewed as a drawback. 

Air Pillows

Air pillows, as they are aptly termed, use air in a transparent plastic bag to create a barrier between the shipping container and the shipped item (s). They are excellent for products that can get dented or scratched in transit and readily take up void space. The UPS Store locations in Canada have recently switched from offering peanuts to air-cushioned pillows.

As opposed to conventional packing fillers, air pillows come deflated and may be kept in a form that takes up less space, which makes storage considerably more efficient. They are also highly adaptable in how they fit inside the shipping container; depending on the goods, you may use more or less air (s). Additionally, they weigh less than certain other fillers, lowering transportation costs.

Air pillows arrive deflated and can be stored in a shape that takes up less space than traditional packing fillers, significantly improving storage efficiency. They are also quite flexible in terms of how they fit within the shipping container; based on the contents, you may utilize more or less air (s). They are also lighter than certain other fillers, which reduces the cost of transportation.

Bubble Wrap

Fragile products are covered in bubble cushioning, also known as bubble wrap, to prevent damage from stress and migration. When using bubble cushioning, the bubble should always be facing the object that has to be wrapped. Only when the thing to be packed has sharp edges that could pierce the bubbles and negate the protection being offered does this rule not apply.

In addition to wrapping objects, bubble wrap can create a cushioned layer between the object and the box. The most typical size of this substance is tiny plastic bubbles, although it can also be found in larger bubbles that can readily occupy more space.

Using bubble wrap has the advantage of being incredibly versatile and highly effective at protecting products during shipping, especially those that are fragile or larger. It may also be quite affordable. The material's unfriendliness to the environment is a drawback. Also, storing it might not be easy because it frequently comes in big rolls.

Partitioned boxes with personalized inserts

Consider the packaging for cosmetic products like electronics, makeup, or fragrances. The goods will then commonly be placed inside the box along with sturdy inserts, typically constructed of Styrofoam, to assist in keeping it in place. Expanded Polystyrene, Bead Board, or Foam Plank  is used to provide protection against compression and puncture rather than to cushion the contents of a container. Items like televisions, china, computer monitors, and glass-framed art must be packed in corrugated containers that are completely lined with bead board.

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