Tips for Shipping Item Packing to Reduce Extra Handling Fees

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Tips for Shipping Item Packing to Reduce Extra Handling Fees

You can package an item for delivery at home or at your business using readily available materials. You might be startled to learn that because of its size or form, your box needs special care and could result in additional expenses for the courier when you bring it to ShipVista to ship.

A package must adhere to a set of requirements to be deemed standard. These restrictions apply to domestic and international shipments and are specifically set by the courier service. Before packaging your things, you can avoid Additional Handling Fees by being aware of certain courier-imposed restrictions.

The following are a few items that could result in Additional Handling Fees*:


Any package with an actual weight of over 70 pounds/32 kilograms.


A package whose longest side measures over 48 inches/122 centimeters.


A package whose second-largest side measures over 30 inches/76 centimeters.


An item that isn't entirely covered in corrugated cardboard, such as but not limited to expanded polystyrene foam, leather, leather, canvas, wood, soft plastic (like a plastic bag), hard plastic, or metal (Styrofoam).

An object with a cylinder-like shape, such as tires, drums, pails, barrels, and drums.

Anything enclosed in a soft-sided pack, like a poly bag or bubble mailer, must not be longer than 18 inches on its longest side, 14 inches on its second-longest side, or 6 inches tall.

Any box with a shipping container on the outside is entirely or partially covered with shrink wrap or stretch wrap.

Any container that has a metal, plastic, or cloth bonding or that has handles, wheels, or straps. Boxes with their outside surface area loosely wrapped or whose contents protrude past the container's surface fall under this category.

Weight, Length, Width, and Packaging are the usual Additional Handling fees that will be charged if your shipment fulfills more than one of the requirements above.

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