Understanding your e-commerce customer's buying process

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Understanding your e-commerce customer's buying process

Reign of awareness: Obtains positive word-of-mouth from your clients

One of the effective things you can do to increase awareness of your brands and products is to ask your current customers to review and suggest your company. This is especially effective if these customers are your happiest, most devoted ones. This is so because when choosing a product to buy, consumers mainly rely on the opinions of previous buyers.

Canadian consumers frequently or consistently read user reviews and ratings when looking for information about new companies and products. Following word-of-mouth recommendations as the second most used information source are search engines.

Enable product discovery for your company on search engines to discover.

More than one-third of Canadian consumers asked what they did first concerning their most recent online purchase said they searched the internet, underlining the crucial role search engine optimization plays in e-commerce marketing.

The good news for brands hoping to be found by new customers is that search leads to product discovery. Instead of going to Amazon or another retailer's website or app, consumers who start shopping on search engines are more receptive to brand inspiration from new companies.

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