Utilize Ship vista to streamline e-commerce delivery

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Utilize Ship vista to streamline e-commerce delivery

ShipVista suggests following a few procedures and protocols to guarantee that the user is happy with the deliveries  

  • Provide a tracking number: Clients can keep track of their packages during delivery. Please take note that your e-commerce platform may already be providing this. 
  • Print out precise shipping labels: The proper postal code and address must be included. Addressing mistakes may cause the delivery to be delayed or even returned to the sender. Make sure automated shipping equipment can handle your packages. Use shipping labels with a white background to ensure the barcode on the shipping label can be scanned and isn't blocked. 
  • Never tie or connect string: It's advisable to not to connect any tie to any packaging since it can become entangled in the shipping equipment. Make sure the boxes are durable if you plan to reuse them and erase any previous labels that the scanning equipment might wrongly interpret. 
  • Items should be packaged safely to withstand potentially rocky shipping trips without damage. 
  • Set expectations upfront by being honest about delivery delays, such as any caused by COVID-19. 

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