Thinking Exactly What's the Cheapest Way to Ship for a Small Business?

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Thinking Exactly What's the Cheapest Way to Ship for a Small Business?

Small businesses must maintain a low logistics cost. You need to know how you can ship economically, whether you're trying to attract more clients or are just providing shipping services to current ones. Small businesses may need help to implement a shipping plan, but there are ways to make the process more efficient.


Use a shipping solution

It might take much time to stay current on carrier rates, which are constantly subject to change. The most recent shipping prices will be instantly displayed by a shipping solution like ShipVista, allowing you to choose the best option for your company without spending hours researching. Importantly, ShipVista offers users lower shipping costs. For small businesses trying to cut costs, utilizing these special discounted prices is essential.


Live Shipping Costs Calculator


Shipvista's Shipping Cost Calculator is a Multi-Carriers and Multi-Warehouses and geolocation extension that aims to provide your customers with live shipping cost and delivery estimates on your store's checkout page. Exclusive to all new and existing ShipVista users. Use of this extension requires that you have a valid ShipVista account.


SV Wallet


Users of ShipVista SV Wallet can receive discounted shipping prices from UPS and Canada Post of up to 46% and 88%, respectively. You can manage your carrier options with SV Balance from a single central wallet.


Learn more about How to easily add funds to SV Wallet in 


Cheapest Tracked Shipping based on specifications and LTL Freight for more oversized shipments

Consider the specifics of what you're shipping after configuring a shipping solution. This covers product weight, size, form, and transit distance. Product weight, distance traveled, and transportation speed is frequently used to categorize shipping charges. You could decide to use flat rate packages depending on your goods' dimensions, weight, and shape.


Ship by package dimensions

Shipping costs are significantly impacted by package weight. It's crucial to take your package's dimensions into account.


The least expensive shipping option that you can select for packages weighing less than one pound is USPS First Class Mail. The least expensive choice is USPS Priority Mail if your parcel weighs between 1 and 5 pounds. FedEx Ground and UPS Ground will generally be the least expensive shipping options for larger shipments (over 5 pounds).


Ship by transit speed

You can decide to give clients a variety of delivery options. Knowing the least expensive methods may help you and your clients save money if you offer express shipping, such as 2-day or overnight shipping.


 If you want to provide 2-day shipping, UPS 2nd Day Air and FedEx 2-Day Shipping are both excellent options.


UPS and FedEx provide the most affordable prices and valuable services if you need an overnight delivery alternative. The number of overnight service possibilities varies by carrier.


A shipping service like ShipVista enables you to compare carrier prices in real-time, regardless of your delivery requirements, ensuring that you always obtain the lowest price.


Protection Considerations: Shipping Insurance with InsureShield Coverage

An often overlooked but significant expense of shipping is shipping insurance. Some shipping companies offer standard insurance for shipments up to a specified amount. Shipping insurance is vital if you're shipping pricey items like electronics, jewelry, or furniture. ShipVista provides affordable shipping insurance and InsureShield coverage to protect you from package loss.


Processing Fee


You should pay extra shipping costs if you are shipping fragile things to ensure that your packages are handled carefully. Your shipping expenses will go up as a result, but fewer damage claims will be filed against you.

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