Live Shipping Cost Calculator

with Shipvista

A Shopify extension that adds multi-warehouse real-time shipping cost to a store checkout page. With this app, you can:

  • Decrease Abandoned Carts - Shipping calculator for all ShipVista users; use pre-negotiated shipping rates or connect your own shipping carrier account.
  • Get Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates - Automatically calculate real-time shipping costs from multiple carriers and display them to your customers on your shop's checkout page.
  • Improve Customer Experience - The app uses multiple warehouse and location information to automatically calculate and display shipping and delivery estimates to your customers.


Multi-Warehouse Shipping Cost Calculator

Shipvista's Shipping Cost Calculator is a Multi-Carriers and Multi-Warehouses and geolocation extension that aims to provide your customers with live shipping cost and delivery estimates on your store's checkout page. Exclusive to all new and existing ShipVista users. Use of this extension requires that you have a valid Shipvista account.

  • Multi-warehouse address and geolocation to easily serve your customers
  • Get real-time shipping rates on the store cart & checkout page
  • Add margins to shipping rates
  • Create a custom amount for shipping discount on live rates
  • Enable in-store pickup and notes
  • Add custom processing times
  • Set default shipping dimensions for products with missing dimensions
  • Connect to the Google Places API to allow your customers to enter their addresses faster and more accurately
  • Set restrictions where shipping discounts will not apply based on country and postal/zip codes
  • Add handling charges to shipping charges
  • Compatible with default store shipping rates

  • Install the Shipping Cost Calculator extension, enter Shipvista account details, and enable the shipping rates method.
  • Set your shipping locations from (store location) in settings
  • Select the carriers and shipping methods you accept
  • Customer sees live shipping rates based on items in their cart before placing an order
  • Pay postage, print shipping labels, and generate a tracking number from the Shopify order page

NoteAdding weight attributes to all products is a prerequisite for the extension to work. However, you can set default shipping attributes on the settings page under 'Dimension'.


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