Canpar International

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An express service for all your domestic shipments delivered within 1-7 days.

  • Pricing Premium *Compared to other courier services available on the ShipVista platform
  • Pricing Calculation - by volumetric weight
  • Recall Policy - No
  • Schedule Delivery - Not Offered
  • Handover Type - Offers free pickup, No drop off
  • Import Tax Handling - No Import Tax
Canpar International

What does this mean for your business?

As a user of the ShipVista platform, you can connect your Canpar rates while enjoying seamless connectivity within ShipVista's shipping solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More on shipping with Canpar - Common questions about Canpar.

You must enter your shipment information (such as address and item details) and buy a shipping label in order to create a shipment with Canpar International. Print your shipping labels, affix them to your item, and then deliver it to a drop-off site that has been provided. Locations for drop-off can be found here. Canpar will then organize shipping to your final destination. The ShipVista platform can be used to manage the entire procedure.

When shipping with ShipVista, you do not need to contact Canpar International directly as all shipment information and actions you will need to take are available to you directly on the ShipVista platform. If you want to learn more, then you can visit the Canpar website.

You can track Canpar International shipments using the tracking number for the shipment provided and visiting the ShipVista Platform.

Rates varies based on shipment details and destination. Sign up today for a free ShipVista account to see the live rates for Canpar International shipment and other services we offer.

Delivery time varies on origin and destination. Sign up for an ShipVista account to see the most accurate delivery time for Canpar International shipment.

There aren't many limitations on what you can ship with Canpar International shipment, but you should be aware that most places have restrictions on things like alcohol, food, and other commodities. With Canpar International, none

An optional signature-on-delivery service is provided by Canpar International. The sender will select at the time of shipment production whether or not a signature on delivery will be necessary for release.