TForce Freight LTL

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For speed, coverage, flexibility, and guaranteed reliability.

  • Regional, interregional & long-haul service, all with one pickup
  • More than 15,000 one and two day lanes
  • Cross-continent three- and four-day service
  • Technologies to improve shipping, tracking & billing
  • Single carrier responsibility
  • Offshore and international shipping
TForce Freight LTL

What does this mean for your business?

As a user of the ShipVista platform, you can connect your TForce rates while enjoying seamless connectivity within ShipVista's shipping solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More on shipping with TForce - Common questions about TForce.

You can track TForce Freight LTL shipments using the tracking number for the shipment provided and visiting the ShipVista Platform.

Rates varies based on shipment details and destination. Sign up today for a free ShipVista account to see the live rates for TForce Freight LTL shipment and other services we offer.

There aren't many limitations on what you can ship with TForce Freight LTL shipment, but you should be aware that most places have restrictions on things like alcohol, food, and other commodities.