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About UPS Canada


United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global package delivery company that offers a wide range of shipping services for businesses and individuals. When you open a UPS account on ShipVista, you instantly get access to deeply discounted rates and can create domestic and international shipping labels. UPS helps both large and small businesses with their logistical needs. UPS also offers sustainable options such as UPS Paperless™ Invoice.

Use your Negotiated Rates with UPS Canada & ShipVista

ShipVista is a certified UPS Ready® application that allows you to get rates and create domestic and international shipping labels via your negotiated shipping rates. Simple to Create and Print Discounted UPS® Shipping Labels for Canada-Based Shipments. Save a lot on a few UPS services while having both domestic and international orders fulfilled.

Save on Fuel Surcharges

Worldwide UPS tracking

Domestic and international delivery services

No minimum shipping

Features of UPS in Canada that ShipVista Supports

Your business never slows down. So get your products to your customers faster and easier with UPS® shipping on ShipVista

  • Save on shipping services domestically with UPS in Canada: Get discounts on domestic shipping, including up to 76% off UPS Standard®, 62% off UPS Express Saver® and UPS Expedited®.*
  • Save on the shipping services for Canada to the U.S.: Get discounts on shipping, including up to 60% off UPS Standard® to the U.S. and 72% off UPS Express® , UPS Express Saver® and UPS Expedited® to the U.S.*
  • For Canada to Mexico: Get discounts on shipping, including up to 69% off UPS Express ® to Mexico, and 68% off UPS Express Saver ® and UPS Expedited ® to Mexico.*
  • Saturday Delivery- Need something to be delivered on Saturday? Just add Saturday Delivery to your rate! 
  •  Global reach of 220+ countries and territories
  • Increased weight and size flexibility 
  • Streamlined customs clearance to facilitate imports and exports 

Note: Rates are limited to shipping from Canada only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

*Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from Canada only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. *Inclusive of applicable fuel and residential surcharge. Not including other additional applicable charges and taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

More on shipping with UPS - Common questions about UPS. UPS’s rates include Fuel Surcharge in the rate in Canada, and that’s good news for you! This will make your shipping expenses more constant and means you have more control!

With ShipVista, merchants get immediate access to courier accounts. You may still use ShipVista to calculate rates, create labels, and manage tracking in addition to all of the other features the platform offers by connecting your UPS® account. It only takes a few minutes to link your UPS® account. For information, visit our help centre.

You can access all the necessary shipment information and activities on the ShipVista platform, so you won't need to get in touch with UPS® directly while shipping with ShipVista. You can visit the UPS website at to learn more.

You can find tracking number for the UPS® shipment provided in shipment History the ShipVista website.

An optional signature-on-delivery service is provided by UPS. The sender will select at the time of label creation whether or not a signature on delivery will be necessary for release.

Integrate UPS Canada Account on ShipVista

Integration Requirements:

  • An active account with UPS.
  • Your UPS account billing address, phone number, and email address..

Follow the steps below to connect you  to ShipVista.

  1. Ensure that you are logged into the app and can see the main dashboard.

  2. Click the setting icon at the top right hand corner of the window to go to the settings pages.
  3. Click the 'Integrations' button on the left hand side accordian to expand the integrations panel.
  4. Select the 'Carrier Setup' option in the panel that opens.
  5. Click the 'Connect Carrier Account' button near the top right hand corner of the screen.
  6. In the dialog that opens, select the UPS logo and a form should open.
  7. In the form, enter the correct information and proceed by clicking the 'Connect Account' button at the bottom of the form.

ShipVista's integration with  supports the following standard features:

Common Integration Features

Domestic ShippingYes
International ShippingYes
Electronic Customs SubmissionYes
Return LabelsYes
Estimated RatesYes
Carrier InsuranceYes
Automatic TrackingYes
End of Day (Electronic)Yes
End of Day (PDF)Yes
Label BrandingYes
Label MessagesYes
Multi-package ShippingYes
Multiple AccountsYes

  • It is advisable to import orders through ShipVista only.

Please contact our customer care team if any issues arise. Visit the support page for contact details.