UPS® Standard to Mexico


ShipVista is a certified partner of the UPS Ready Program. Activate your UPS account and start saving on shipments today.

UPS Standard offers affordable rates for shipments going to Mexico that don't need the fastest delivery.

  • Cover the entire country and can provide supply chain solutions to all of Mexico’s diverse markets
  • 390+ locations and over 550 vehicles and are the only carrier with guaranteed ground service there
UPS® Standard to Mexico

What does this mean for your business?

As a user of the ShipVista platform, you can connect your Canpar rates while enjoying seamless connectivity within ShipVista's shipping solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More on shipping with UPS USA - Common questions about UPS USA.

With ShipVista, merchants get immediate access to courier accounts. You may still use ShipVista to calculate rates, create labels, and manage tracking in addition to all of the other features the platform offers by connecting your UPS® account. It only takes a few minutes to link your UPS® account. For information, visit our help centre.

You can access all the necessary shipment information and activities on the ShipVista platform, so you won't need to get in touch with UPS® directly while shipping with ShipVista. You can visit the UPS website at to learn more.

You can find tracking number for the UPS® shipment provided in shipment History the ShipVista website.

An optional signature-on-delivery service is provided by UPS. The sender will select at the time of label creation whether or not a signature on delivery will be necessary for release.