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About Shopify

Shopify offers integrated marketing, selling and fulfillment, which makes selling easier for Online sellers.​ ShipVista helps you to save both time and money on shipping your orders. By connecting your Shopify store with ShipVista, you can easily manage the shipping and fulfillment of Shopify orders and send tracking information to the customer.


How does ShipVista for Shopify work?

 You can follow the step-by-step procedure:


Easy Install:

If you don't already have a ShipVista account, create an account now for FREE. Connect Shopify Store to your ShipVista account, and you're ready to receive orders.


Easily process Shipments:

Once your shipping preferences have been established, you are prepared to accept orders. With just one click, all the information from a completed transaction in your Shopify store can be submitted directly to the ShipVista shipping platform. You can handle pickups from the ShipVista account, produce shipping labels, and process shipments instantly.

ShipVista's Shopify app integration is a helpful resource that lets you receive instant and accurate shipping rates. The data is automatically uploaded to the ShipVista shipping system for greater convenience. More significantly, you can organize your shipping-related tasks in one place.


Learn how to link a store to your ShipVista account. Click here.


Calculations of Shipping Cost for Shopify

Choosing the appropriate shipping choices is among the most crucial steps you can take to ensure the seamless operation of your Shopify store. The last thing you want is to incur shipping expense losses or encounter dissatisfied consumers due to delayed shipments. To ensure you receive the most outstanding deal for your Shopify store, we will go through some of the fundamentals of shipping cost calculations in this short guide.


Calculating the weight of your product is the first thing you must accomplish. Weight is crucial because the delivery fee will depend on the product's weight. If unsure of the product's weight, you can check with the manufacturer or do an online search. Once you know the product's weight, you may start researching your delivery choices.

Utilizing a flat-cost delivery option is one choice. Because regardless of the product's weight, you will charge a set fee for shipping. If you have a number of items that are all around the same size and weight, this can be a decent alternative. However, there may be better options than a flat price if you have a large number of products that differ in size and weight.


Click here to know about Live Shipping Cost Calculator on Shopify 

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