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To the left of the orders table on the sidebar is a list of the order statuses that your orders are grouped in. When you click the Orders tab on the top navigation, you are brought to the Awaiting Shipments orders page by default. The orders on this page have been paid for and are ready to be shipped. Most of the imported orders will appear under this status.


Orders can be imported into other statuses within ShipVista. The statuses are listed below:

  • Awaiting Payment

    Orders that haven't been paid for will be imported into Awaiting Payment status. Not all stores support importing unpaid orders.

  • On Hold

    On Hold orders are orders that were previously awaiting shipment but set aside so that they are not accidentally shipped. Orders that have out-of-stock items or are put on fraud alert can be placed under this status.

  • Awaiting Shipment

    Orders that are waiting to be shipped will be placed under this status. Most of the imported orders will appear here.

  • Shipped

    When an order has had its label created within ShipVista, the order will be moved under this status. Orders that have been marked as shipped will also appear here.

  • Canceled

    Orders that have been canceled within ShipVista will appear under this status. ShipVista will also import any canceled orders under here.

    When you cancel an order, we do not notify your store, so you may have to repeat this step in your selling channel.

The status for the orders on your store may not match the status used within ShipVista. ShipVista uses statuses that relate directly to the shipping workflow.